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To realize this vision, the Guide Right Foundation outlines five major categories from which the young men are taught on a weekly basis. These categories are taught via curricula lessons, field trips, conversations with mentors and presentations from special guest speakers.


1. Self Identity – In order to mentor young men, we must first empower them in the areas of: Self Discipline, Academics, Career Choice, Preparation and Organization.


2. Training – Dedicated, successful and committed volunteers provide the GRFD with a large pool of mentors for our program participants to guide their academic and professional choices.  Tutoring services are also provided during the school year and innovative college entrance exam preparation tools are also made available.

3. Competition – Our young men participate and host several different events throughout the year that serve to instill this valuable concept. (African-American Male Academic Bowl, Kappa League Black History Challenge, Student of the Year Competition)

4. Social Development & Consciousness - We teach the young men interview skills, and dining etiquette along with social graces, proper introductions, and effective written & public communication skills.  They even learn how to tie a necktie.  Community service projects also help our young learn the importance of helping others.


5. Health Education –Presentations are offered on several topics including Physical Fitness, Drug Abuse, Sex Education, Health Safety, Nutrition & Personal Hygiene.


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